January 26, 2016


December 28, 2015

Windy City ACVWs

This '77 Riviera was sitting on 6th Street this morning, within sight of two other air-cooleds, a '71 (the blue one here) and an early Vanagon. One wonders what that jug of antifreeze is for.

December 23, 2015

Big and Little

This is another from last Summer, as I clean out the pictures on my phone.
 It amuses me, for some reason, how most towed camping units can handily dwarf Ludwig.

December 21, 2015

1971 Super Beetle, $4500

These photos are from early last Summer in Missoula. $4500 seems a little high to me, but what do I know. 

November 15, 2015

Clutch Cable Replacement

That out-of-focus frayed thing is Ludwig's clutch cable. Here's how you fix that. First, buy a new clutch cable (not pictured).

Disconnect the clutch pedal shaft (left) from the rest of the assembly (right) using a 13mm socket and wrench. Or two 13mm wrenches if you want. Or two sockets. Whatever.

After they come apart they'll look like this.

Now take one of those 13mm sockets or wrenches or whatevers and undo this housing from the frame.

That results in this, which you further reduce...

...to this, by taking off that clevis pin. When you got the new clutch cable, you got a new clevis pin.

Don't use it, because it's probably crap. The one on top is the one I had, stamped VW-Audi. See how that round part is really of two parts, pin and washer? That makes it so the pin can turn. The pin in the new one lacks that virtue and cannot. A perfect example of the death by a thousand cuts we bus owners constantly face (thanks, hippie wannabes).

Attach the new cable to the assembly with the old pin and some grease. Any piece of metal that moves against another piece of metal deserves some grease for its trouble. 

Thread the new cable from the front to the rear, greasing it along its length (not shown; hands too greasy to take pictures). Reattach the housing to the frame and the pedal shaft to the bar from the housing.

Thread the rearward end of the cable out of the way for when you put the engine and transaxle back in. Done.

This was the old cable before I chucked it. It had four strands left.

That was pretty boring so here's a poster I saw on my way to the auto parts store, to liven the mood.