August 18, 2015

ACVWs of SoCentral Montana

This first one is actually from Iowa. The owner and I met on the Itinerant-Air-Cooled forum, and arranged a get-together when he and his family were visiting nearby.

Seen at Wheat Montana, Three Forks.

August 8, 2015

Up and Over

Ludwig and I slipped by this guy going over Homestake Pass, unquestionably the highest point on I-90 (despite the confusion a certain poorly-worded sign in Massachesetts has wrought).

August 4, 2015

Syncro Westfalia

This guy and I chatted for a while last week.
It's a Syncro (4wd) and a Westfalia, but not it's whole life it wasn't. Throwing all rational thought out along with a whole lot of money, the previous owner did it precisely backward.

that gas cap under the passenger-side door is a dead giveaway

Syncro Westies are a rare subtype of an already-rare vehicle; GoWesty claims of the 5,000 or so Syncros sold in the US, fewer than a third were campers. So usually when the itch for a Syncro Westy strikes the heart but the $60,000+ to buy one doesn't strike the wallet, what happens is some hapless, plain old 2wd Vanagon donates its camping outfit to its muscle-bound brother.
Not this previous owner.
He took a hapless, plain old 2wd Vanagon camper and wedged a Syncro drivetrain underneath. Much, much harder.
Everything seemed to be in order (viz., it wasn't a hack) and the present owner-operator pleased, so there's not much fault to find. Still, were it my time and money, I'd just've gone with the
Porsche flat-6 engine swap.

July 20, 2015

Livingston Fastback

Our conversation was as follows.
Me: Is that a '67?
Him: '66.
*** *** ***

The post about Colin's visit ended on a cliffhanger which I didn't resolve. Another thing I didn't do was take pictures of the resolution. Here's a bunch of text about the resolution.
What I said, that Ludwig wouldn't start the day after Colin left, wasn't true. He started. He got me to the KOA so I could shower but he ran funny the whole time. After the shower he struggled to start and wouldn't stay running. I gave up--the KOA people weren't too happy about me futzing with him in front of their store--and called a wrecker. He was unceremoniously plunked down behind the library. As the points' gap was fine I blamed the condenser, the only other new component, and ordered another. But something didn't jive...there was spark at the coil. Attentive readers of my online thread said it sounded like a fuel problem, not an ignition problem. The instructions were to check that the fuel pump was running by jumping a wire from its power source--the connection at a fuse that also runs the heater blower fan--to the relay Colin and I installed last year which prevents the fuel pump from running when the engine isn't. Something was weird at the hot end of my jumper though. The wire into the fuse just fell off! Well, shit. That's it of course: the fuel pump wasn't getting power, or at least not consistent power, due to the bad connection. And Ludwig'd start after sitting all night because the tank was gravity-filling the carb bowls and he'd run just fine for the minute it took to use up the gas in the bowls, then that was that. The old condenser was cannibalized for its spade connector and a small length of wire. Power now had a solid path to the pump. Carbs primed with fuel, he fired right up and ran mightily.
Until last week, when he alla sudden didn't want to go into gear with the engine running. Long story short: adjusting the clutch seemed to do the trick.

July 16, 2015

New Shoes

Ludwig's fronts now match his backs. The tire place confirmed it: those are the smallest commercially available truck tires in North America.