October 24, 2014

Happy 41st Birthday...

...to Ludwig.

October 9, 2014

Butte Beetles

 A '65, I think.

It's in Butte but it's from Missoula.

October 7, 2014

On a Steel Horse I Ride...

Spotted at Three Bears Alaska in Butte. Good luck, whoever you are.

October 5, 2014

Pea Green Beetle

Spotted just off MT Hwy 1 on the way to the Lake

October 2, 2014

Georgetown Lake Moose Camp

A couple weekends ago we decided to meet S, A, and C at Georgetown Lake, just 22 miles up the road from us. As usual, we got the best spot in the campground.

At the fee kiosk E asked for a pen and I absentmindedly handed her one. Apparently she felt the need to correct this sign. They are free envelopes, after all.

Once the Missoulians arrived things got rolling. That's S and C at right.

Later on some deer wandered past. It's not clear why we find deer even remotely interesting. Just the other day we ran into a herd of five down the corner from our house, and they come into our yard often.

But anyway, E wanted more deer to stop by so she made this sign from a chunk of firewood and some charcoal.

What she probably didn't count on was her sign attracting this bull moose.

There were five moose, actually, this mature bull and a younger bull hanging out together, and a cow with two youngish ones of unknown gender. As the whole lot of them passed above our site, the bulls suddenly took off in a trot after the cow. Now, anyone who's spent time in the Northern outdoors knows that bull moose in rut are about the most dangerous wildlife you can encounter, even more so than bears which, unlike moose, are at least marginally predictable. And they can run faster than a damn horse! Their trotting was bringing them way too close for comfort so we all skedaddled for Ludwig.

After cooling his ardor a bit the big male plunked himself down 40 or 50 yards from our site (I wasn't inclined to get an exact measurement). He seemed pretty mellow and didn't look our way, so after a while we all debarked, though we kept our wary eyes on him. All of us except E, who decided caution was the better part of valor and stuck around in Ludwig. She also made another sign. "NAWE!"="NOW!", in case that's confusing.

Eventually Bullwinkle moved on. E celebrated her freedom with a dance.

She also (unfortunately?) learned a new term, 'photobomb'. That's A with his daughter C, who's a little younger than Stinkerton.

Down by the lake a little girl showed us the frog she caught. E thought it was cute, but there was no way she was touching it.

I dropped Stinkerton on her head/face.

More deer!

And that was that. Thanks to S, A, and C for the honor of accompanying C on her first ever camping trip!