March 11, 2012

The Turn of the Screw

The puzzle of bent metal that shrouds an air-cooled VW engine is largely held in place by dozens of what are apparently called "cheesehead" screws, and they're all straight slot (re: annoying). The slot is nice and wide, and as Melcher told me long ago, you want to use the biggest tip that will fit any given screw. So I usually use this fat little stubby, but I could probably still go up a blade size.

This ratcheting screwdriver is perhaps the tool I'm most disproportionately and undeservedly proud of. Well, I ought to be, it took over fifty bucks to get it off the Snap-On truck in 1996. I think I like it so much not merely because it's a great screwdriver (it is), but because at least two people whom I've wrenched on cars with hate using it: Melissa and Colin.
They used to make them in a variety of colors including neon green and hot pink, but now it looks like they only come in orange or black. Mine is yellow, of course, for reasons inadequately explained in a previous post.

So when others--for reasons beyond me--complain about that yellow beauty, I toss them this trusty Craftsman.


VW Busman said...

Sort of like "the taming of the screw"..I mean shrew.

cisco said...

what u realy need is a #3 straight slot i had the snapon guy make me two of them both with #3 handles one with a three inch shank and 0ne
with a five inch shank. about 30.00$ each a good investment the #3 blade fits tight in those vw screws i have worked on everything from lawn mowers to locamotives never seen those screws on anything else but an air cooled vw (ha ha ha ha)

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