October 22, 2012

The Right Carb and Pumpkin Day

Where did I leave off...I had to take off the right carburetor (again) to see why it wasn't doing what it should (again).

Disconnect the throttle linkage and wiring.

Undo the two nuts holding it to the intake manifold.

And it's out. I took the top off (again) to get at what I think was the problem.

That round black thing at lower right is the float. That copperish strip above center is a spring that holds the float in place, kind of. In this shot, I have the spring wrapped around the pin on the float. Why? Because when I took it apart initially, the whole thing sort of flew apart on me and I wasn't sure how to put it back together. I made a guess, and guessed wrong.

After taking apart the extra carb I got, it was apparent that the spring in fact sits atop the pin, not around it. Duh, in retrospect.

And so....
We got to go to Deer Lodge for Pumpkin Sunday at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site. We parked by the big horse for ease of relocating Ludwig. It wasn't quite as cold as E's outfit suggests, but we were (are) all a little sick and bundled up accordingly.

Tater Tot might've been a little nervous about lollygagging on railroad tracks. She's a very cautious person.

She was not really into it this year at all. The only activity she agreed to was coloring; she even refused to choose a pumpkin (Melissa smuggled one out for her).

After a truncated Pumpkin Day, we headed to Butte to run some errands--at the Goodwill I got a pair of Dickies and a pair of Carhartts, Melissa got some jeans and fabric, and E got a jumper and a brand new rocketship sleeping bag. Melissa took this shot, which she thinks makes Ludwig look like a Vanagon, on the way back.

So I'm declaring my battle against Ludwig's right carburetor a tentative success.

miles 224,948-225,042 (click for map)

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