November 3, 2013

Here's to Sylvie the Subaru

Someone requested a report on Sylvie, the 2003 Subaru Baja that serves as our primary driver since Gertie is at present unreliable and Ludwig is more of an open road vehicle, not great for hauling stuff--camping stuff excepted--anyway. I mean, if we're gonna wear-and-tear Ludwig, it's gonna be in service to some exploits, not getting the damn groceries.

Speaking of hauling stuff....

Anyway, in response to the request I was typically pessimistic and grumpy. But I could've done a little better. Sylvie is a decent enough car (or truck, or whatever). She does what's asked of her with little complaint or fuss. You know, point A to point B and all. She has a sunroof (or moonroof, or whatever), my first, so rah rah to that.
And (maybe) interestingly, she is by a looooong shot the most rare car I've ever owned or co-owned, or driven, Subaru having made only around 33,000 of them, only for the US and Chilean (?) markets, over four years. Compare that to the 
3 million-plus bay window buses and the little more than 2.5 million Type 3s Volkswagen made. Shit, Bajas are even rarer--by better than twice--than that perhaps most vaunted of all collector cars, the Porsche 356. (Not that I care about that kind of thing; in some respects it's a pain in the ass, to be honest. But there I go getting pessimistic and grumpy again.)
So there you have it. 

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