The Drivers

Melissa is the girl. She drives both VWs with great courage, optimism, stamina, and aplomb. She gave birth to a little baby once. Besides tooling around in and sometimes camping in an old VW, Melissa likes to knit, crochet, sew, bake, (you know, make stuff), garden, read, walk, drink tea, and think about things. Some of her favorite musical acts include Blake Babies, Wilco, Pavement, and Juliana Hatfield.

Mitch is the boy. He drives both VWs with an ear that just waits for the next thing to go wrong. Besides tooling around in and sometimes camping in an old VW, Mitch likes to listen to music, argue, eat pizza, tend fires, and think about things. Sometimes he likes working on old VWs, but sometimes not. Among his favorite musical acts are Fugazi, Johnny Cash, Ice Cube, and Minutemen.

E, aka Tater Tot, is the little baby Melissa gave birth to once but now she’s bigger. She likes to make art, read, build doctors’ and dentists’ offices with Duplos, do puzzles, think and talk about rabbits, and tool around in–and sometimes camp in–old VWs. She is in the market for a Beetle, preferably 1972 or older, that she can paint pink “rainbow” and drive when she turns seven (her words). Her favorite musical act is probably They Might Be Giants.

I, aka Stinkerton, aka Pumpkinseed, is another little baby Melissa gave birth to once. She remains little. She likes to nurse, sleep, howl, watch, and listen. Her thoughts on activities relating to old VWs and music are yet to be determined. (Picture forthcoming.)

Ludwig and Gertie are Mitch’s sixth and seventh drivable VWs, respectively. They are Melissa’s first and second.
Prior VWs in Mitch’s possession:
1973 Type 3 Fastback “Gretchen” (d. 1991, contact w/ 1990 Chrysler)
1970 Type 3 Squareback “Anne” (d. 1996, engine)
1967 Type 3 Squareback “Frieda” (d. 1997, contact w/ wildlife)
1971 Beetle (standard) “Margaret” (d. 2000, engine)
1984 Rabbit “Loretta” (d. 2002, driveshaft/last straw)

The bigger people are Nebraska natives, the little people were born in Montana, and we all live in a smallish town in Western Montana at one mile elevation with our two cats Madeline and Lavender, neither of whom shows the slightest interest in old cars.

If you’re coming anywhere near us, shoot us an email (ludwig74 AT gmail [dot] com). We live about halfway between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks (North-South), or halfway between Billings and Spokane or Missoula and Bozeman (East-West), along the Pintler Scenic Route (MT Hwy 1).

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